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The differences between writing a book and a screenplay

Can you successfully convert your book to a screenplay?

With the new year now coming to the end of its first month, my plans to finish my two books are coming to fruition. The pandemic and lockdown of 2020 truly determined me to stay safe (with my family, of course), set writing goals, set a writing timeline, and thankfully, so far so good.

With a natural ability (or folly as some would say) to take on writing and reading several stories at the same time, this writing business tends to take longer for me than other writers. Especially as I have a fulltime job to tackle too. So, I…

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U2 and me in the 1980s

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little nostalgic trip down memory lane and my first encounters with a band called U2. My life in the seventies was slightly different to those entering their teens, but I loved and appreciated the freedom and trust provided by my Dad.

The eighties were different for me too, or do I just think that? They were my rebel years, lets put it this way, black was my favorite color to wear, arguing with my parents was a common pastime and a few jaunts working abroad was a regular summer habit.

As U2 evolved from…

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Writing For Your Life

How important is your book’s cover?

We all know how hard it is to write and edit your book, to prepare for marketing, and to finally attain that elusive sale. Don’t we? Well I do, and I hope my previous articles here on Writing For Your Life have helped you even just a little bit.

The message of this current article is this: No matter how good your story is, a bad or unprofessional cover will deplete any chances you have of selling your book.

I speak from experience in this matter.

My first book did have a decent cover. At least I thought so. As…

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Music Voices, Music Heaven

My life, my music, my world

Well, how should I start, where should I start, at the beginning? Yes, but which beginning, which part of my life did U2 connect or influence most? Was it a simple connection throughout my life or did they actually influence my life? It still remains a mystery to me and hopefully writing this and my next few articles will help to solve that mystery.

I think to explain my quandary correctly for you is to enlighten you more — U2 first entered my life in 1979 when I was just gone 13. …

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Writing For Your Life

What is your drive to write?

Let me start by saying I have many social media connections. What we have in common is writing; all my connections are a great source for networking, researching information on writing, and simply sharing our successes and being supportive of our woes.

Throughout my life, there’s been a passion inside me for writing and the written word. Lately, I wanted to know if my connections shared this passion too, or were they just writing for the money and hopes of fame. My curiosity got the better of me, so the question I put to them was —

“Stephen King said…

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US Presidential Election 2020

What can be done to avoid another Trump term?

I listened to an interview a few days ago — a Trump supporter stated, “Only God can end a pandemic, not a politician…people are rioting in the streets…if you can go riot or stand in line at Walmart…then you can come out and support Donald Trump.” The interviewee was waiting for a President who was now running two hours late. She was there to see, listen to and cheer on her hero — Donald Trump.

This time, for both the Democrats and the Republicans, there are no big rallies. But this particular Trump event was big enough and although socially-distanced…

Writing for your life

Open the door to create convincing lead characters and cast

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Readers like me want to relate to characters in a book. As a writer, this isn’t as easy as it may sound. Sometimes when reading I get bored and give up. Why? Not because of the plot, but due to the fact that I cannot connect or relate to the book’s characters. We writers need to create a cast that both drives our story and holds readers’ interest.

So how do we fix this? Well, what I learned in the many blogs and articles I researched is it’s essential we make their personalities as intricate as real people. Currently, I’m…

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Dreams don’t work unless you do

If you climb into that saddle, be ready for the ride!

There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle: One is a sense of humor and the other is patience — John Lyons

After what seemed like a lifetime of Coronavirus lockdown in Ireland, we all itched to get out and about. Perhaps take up something new, you know like socializing a bit more — golf, baking or flower craft courses, even some power walking or Tai Chi. We all had that urge, didn’t we? I think most of us did – if the magazines and weekend papers are to be believed.

Me? Well, I decided to retrace my…

Writing for your life

Some suggestions how to write and work from home during quarantine.

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For some writers, living under full or semi-lockdown gave them the right push to get down and work on their writing. Perhaps you did some research and even approached some publishers or agents. But, not everyone experienced this urge; for some it created a block on their inspiration and motivation.

Under this coronavirus global pandemic, everyone experienced a huge change in their lives, and writers were no exception. After all, under lockdown we writers cannot just escape to the countryside or to our favorite writing café. Also, most of us have jobs to keep — the bill-paying ones.

I, for…

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With so many events set aside, what did we, as a nation, do?

Reviving the country and our lives

The Ides of March is the 15th March, considered unlucky especially for Julius Cesar, but the 12th of March is a date etched in the brain of many Irish, it was lock-down day and affected so many, even St. Patrick!

Schools, cultural establishments, large gatherings all cancelled, even our normal week of festivities for our patron saint and national holiday (17th March) made null and void for 2020.

Nearly two weeks later as the situation worsened with practically all business closed, a worrying time for all. Listowel Writers’ week went online, and shock-horror! even our delightful The Rose of Tralee

Lj Ryan

Working in Sales Admin but practiced life under many other careers. Proud member of The Independent Irish Authors Collective, writing is Lj’s life after family

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