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The differences between writing a book and a screenplay

Can you successfully convert your book to a screenplay?

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U2 and me in the 1980s

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Writing For Your Life

How important is your book’s cover?

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Music Voices, Music Heaven

My life, my music, my world

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Writing For Your Life

What is your drive to write?

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US Presidential Election 2020

What can be done to avoid another Trump term?

Writing for your life

Open the door to create convincing lead characters and cast

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Dreams don’t work unless you do

If you climb into that saddle, be ready for the ride!

Writing for your life

Some suggestions how to write and work from home during quarantine.

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Empty streets in Dublin city — courtesy of Jordan Harrison on UnSplash

With so many events set aside, what did we, as a nation, do?

Reviving the country and our lives

Lj Ryan

Working in Sales Admin but practiced life under many other careers. Proud member of The Independent Irish Authors Collective, writing is Lj’s life after family

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