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US Presidential Election 2020

Will Trump get another 4 years? It’s looking likely…

What can be done to avoid another Trump term?


I listened to an interview a few days ago — a Trump supporter stated, “Only God can end a pandemic, not a politician…people are rioting in the streets…if you can go riot or stand in line at Walmart…then you can come out and support Donald Trump.” The interviewee was waiting for a President who was now running two hours late. She was there to see, listen to and cheer on her hero — Donald Trump.

This time, for both the Democrats and the Republicans, there are no big rallies. But this particular Trump event was big enough and although socially-distanced seats were provided, the audience soon took to their feet when he finally arrived.

It was a 20-minute speech after a long day of waiting, queuing, temperature checks and security screening but you could see, for Trump supporters, it was worth it. He thrives in front of a live audience, his performance on a rally stage is almost like a religious zealot preacher and they believe every word he says.

The venue was perfectly picked — a farm-produce packing facility. Low and middle wage manufacturing workers are his main target. The rich get a look in too — but they’re busy protecting themselves from Covid-19 and will simply donate funds. They all love him, he talks the talk, walks the walk — well, in their eyes he does and nothing will change their minds.

The scandals, controversies and offensive comments only serve to endear him further to his core supporters, regardless of the shock and rage his actions create both inside and outside the US.

They believe he has his finger on the pulse of the USA. Those backing him will often describe Trump as being honest and honorable, they claim that he has kept his promises and is “draining the swamp”.

For some reason, they ignore the investigations on his business dealings before 2016, they ignore the “Access Hollywood” tape and the endless list of women he or his cohorts have paid hush money to. And ignore his niece’s claims that his father bailed him out with millions to rescue him from his many business failures. They ignore that he still refuses to…



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